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About Us

Principles, Aims & Ethos

Whilst all schools in our Trust will have their distinctive features all will show commitment to, and be accountable for, a shared drive for excellence in all aspects of educational provision.

All staff will be valued and will be provided with a safe and professional working environment.

There will be high expectation and challenge for every pupil to fully develop and achieve intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically.

All policies, procedures and practices will be developed in conjunction with stakeholders, as appropriate, and directed, approved and monitored by the Academy Trust.

All pupils are encouraged to:-

  • develop into happy and confident individuals with a secure foundation in learning that will last throughout their lives.
  • develop lively and enquiring minds through knowledge with understanding.
  • establish a command of the subjects contained in the National Curriculum.

As good citizens:-

  • value and understand religious and moral beliefs, develop a respect for the views of others and an understanding of British values.
  • understand something of the world in which we live with regard for our mutual dependence on others as individuals, groups and nations.
  • appreciate human achievements and aspirations.

All schools in the Trust will provide:-

  • a school environment in which children can enjoy learning and developing social skills with others
  • a differentiated and challenging curriculum including rigorous assessment procedures which ensures that no child is overlooked and every child succeeds
  • whole school and individual staff professional development which ensures the highest quality of teaching and learning
  • whole-school procedures and practices which ensure consistency and clarity of approach to the education of the children representative of the principles and aims above

The Trust and all member schools will aim to:-

  • play their part in raising national standards in education through sharing good practice with other school and teachers across the country
  • take a leading role in national initiatives and be in the forefront of educational thinking and improvement

The Academy Trust has the responsibility and authority to ensure that all schools within the Trust fulfil the principles and aims outlined above.