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South Farnham Educational Trust schools top the tables

The Department for Education have published 2023 performance tables, placing three South Farnham Educational Trust schools in the top ten for the region.

South Farnham Educational Trust is delighted to announce that three of its schools, South Farnham School, The Raleigh School and Highfield South Farnham School have dominated the Department for Education’s annual primary school performance table based on Key Stage Two SATs results for 2022 – 2023, with South Farnham named as the top performing school in Surrey and Hampshire.

All three schools, rated Ofsted ‘Outstanding’, achieved exceptional results, reflecting the hard work and dedication of pupils and staff.

At the top of the performance table for Surrey and Hampshire sits South Farnham School. An incredible 100 per cent of 134 pupils from South Farnham met the expected standard for reading, writing and maths with 48 per cent of those achieving the standard at greater depth.  This compares to the national average of 60 per cent meeting the standard and 8 per cent at greater depth.  Additionally, the progress scores achieved by the children in maths, reading and writing were all 'well above' the national average.

The Raleigh School has been ranked second in Surrey with 100 per cent of children meeting the expected standard for reading, writing and maths, with 42 per cent of those achieving the standard at greater depth.

Highfield South Farnham has been recognised as the seventh highest performing school in Surrey, achieving fantastic results with 86 per cent of pupils meeting the expected standard whilst 13 per cent accomplished greater depth.  A huge achievement where pupils continue to make exceptional progress with a five percent increase on last year’s results. 

Our schools continue to provide a happy and nurturing environment for all children who benefit from a very rich and diverse curriculum with participation and success in music, drama, sports, and the arts.

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